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Our Idea

Adfam is a charity organisation which is helping families that are badly affected by drugs and liquor. We strive to give anyone affected by a family member's addiction the opportunity to get the benefit from supportive and healthy relationships, feel involved within a loving family and maintain a healthy mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Drug and alcohol usage encourages physical, emotional and financial imbalances which can destroy family relationships.

Our Mission

To prevent this from happening, we encourage family members and caretakers, reassure frontline workers and impact those that make decisions.

What We Appreciate

We listen to families and workers in order to help People who have experienced these type of problems most likely can provide some solutions. Our supporters informed what we do: We support and empower both people affected by substance misuse and the workers who support them with the evidence and compassion with us. We develop abilities, resources, trust and pathways so both groups can assist themselves, their friends, clients and communities.

We Are Inspired By What Works

The substance use impact on wellbeing and family relationships is both varied and profound. We access our work with close attention and care to what works in the real world. To achieve this, we never underestimate the value of real-life experience as well as formal research evidence and we also embrace evidence in all diversity. Our work is driven by our supporters, colleagues, friends and what they see.

We're Committed To Fulfil Our Purpose

We are dedicated to providing the work of the best standard as we are serious about our job and partnerships. We guarantee to treat people and families influenced by medications and liquor with deference and nobility, because we realise that partiality and disgrace are obstructions to recuperation and cause damages. We need to see a general public free from shame towards drugs and liquor clients and their families. we are going to fight it until it destroy.

Who Are Our Partners

  • Family, friends and caretakers - We make sure that those affected by somebody else's substance abuse have their opinions heard and we encourage them and inform them.
  • Frontline workers- We seek to build individual confidence to take control to support family and work mates in a common goal.
  • Leaders- We interact with and influence relevant local and national officials to improve regulations and make sure they get to know about the problems families we work with encounter every day.

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